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Arugula Sextet

Jonathan Salvi - Vibraphone/Compositions

Paul Butscher - Trumpet/Bugle

Emilio Vidal - Guitar

Robinson de Montmollin - Piano

Jérémie Krüttli - Double Bass

Josua Beureux - Drums

Salvi/Frey/Wild Standards Trio

Those three musicians belong to the new generation of jazzmen. As every jazz artist they decided to confront themselves to the repertoire of the standards in history of jazz.

From the Blues to Broadway, from swing to latin, they chosse their repertoire in the most amazing melodies written in the 20th century and interpret them "à leur sauce".


Jonathan Salvi - Vibraphone

Mischa Frey - Double Bass

Timo Wild - Drums

Jonathan Salvi's Quintet

"The room given to improvisation gives the musicians the opportunity to develop their expression in order play an authentic and personal music. Each concert is a unique moment, seeing as the musicians address the pieces in a different way each night and discover new ambiences matching their mood."

The debut album of the Jonathan Salvi Quintet “Destination Out!” was released in April 2017. (click here to buy).

Jonathan Salvi - vibraphone/compositions

Benjamin Knecht - alto saxophone

Samuel Blaser - trombone

Marius Meier - double bass

Gerry Hemingway - drums

All of Swing-13.jpg

Salvi/Krüttli/Cina Trio

Jonathan Salvi Trio is the project of the young vibraphonist from Neuchâtel around his compositions. Their music takes inspiration into music all around the world and contemporary music to create polyrhythms and harmonies between them three.
Jonathan Salvi - Vibraphone/Composition
Jérémie Krüttli - Double Bass
Michael Cina - Drums

Assemblage Trio

Chamber music, african rhythms and melodies and jazz. The 3 ingredients that make this trio so original. Seeking for new sonorities and colours.
Jonathan Salvi - Vibes/Marimba/fx/Comp
Niklaus Mäder - Bass Clarinet
Clemens Kuratle - Drums

Slidesticks Trio

In the constant search of new sounds, new colours and
new ways of thinking outside the box in a musical sense.
With their last repertoire from Frank Zappa the Trio explores new ways of playing their instrument using electronic effects in a innovative manner.
Domenico Catalano, Basstrombone
Lukas Rechsteiner, Percussions
Jonathan Salvi, Percussions

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